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The Agvios product series uses ion selective electrodes to measure individual nutrients in liquids.

We are currently beta testing our probes with select customers and are not yet selling our MultiNutrient probes.

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Agvios MultiNutrient probe

Agvios MultiNutrient probe for easy, reliable, and real time analysis of nutrients in your hydroponic systems.

The Agvios MultiNutrient probe can measure up to nine properties:
pH, ammonium (N), nitrate (N), potassium (K), sodium (Na), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), chloride (Cl), and sulfate (S).


Integration with fertigation systems

The Agvios MultiNutrient probe in a stationary configuration that is integrated with a hydroponic fertigation system.


The system for measurement of nutrients consists of a probe that senses the nutrients, a control unit for convenient readout, and software for easy data analysis. Our products are available both as portable or stationary units. We offer extensive product support for seamless integration of the Agvios probes with your hydroponic control system.

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